Global Inspection

inspection Scopes

Mineral Inspection
Fertilizers inspection.
- Coal & inspection with all its derivatives.
- Marble and Granite Inspection.
- Iron Ore & Scrap Inspection.
- Salt Inspection.
- Zinc. Tin, lead, Copper …….etc
- Draft Survey.
Materials Inspection with all its Derivatives
-Cement products Inspection
-Hygiene Products Inspection
-Paper Products Inspection
-Cosmetics inspection
-Inspection of the Thermal Product
Industrial & Engineering Inspection.
Inspection on all types of Machines, Instruments, Spare parts imported / Exported, Vehicles... etc.
-Industrial Production Line Inspection.
-Chlorine cylinders.
- Welding Inspection.
Agricultural products
-All Types Of Grains such as (BARLEY, BULGUR, CORN, RICE, TRITICALE, WHEAT,….etc.)
- All Types Of Beans and other agricultural products.