Global Inspection

We are offering a complete range of inspection, verification, superintendence, survey, monitoring and advisory services in a broad range of areas to our clients world-wide. Since the beginning of the
company in 1980 in Denmark, we have diversified our services from mainly agricultural products into many sectors and we are today dealing with virtually all kinds of goods, commodities, machinery and equipment thinkable.
Thanks to our global coverage and local insight, we are able to control, test and communicate information and results on almost all types of products in accordance with both local regulations and international standards.
Our inspection certificates are recognized by state procurement agencies, international organizations, underwriters, banks, merchants, traders, ship owners, government organizations and NGOs throughout the world. We put emphasis on keeping our customers well informed throughout the operations and on completion facilitate correct and detailed inspection certificates without delay.

Quality, management and systems certification are today globally integrated and provide the most effective documentation that any given company conducts its work in a serious and trustworthy manner according to specified conditions. Also, with a well implemented quality or systems management program companies and their staff will be benefiting from streamlined and structured working conditions.
As an accredited certification body, Baltic Control Misr® offers certification services of quality management systems according to local and international standards. Our customers can choose either to become certified as per official standards or to develop their own quality system and then have it audited by us.
A high level of service, ethics and very experienced and qualified staff are the key words in the way we conduct our work.

Through our global network, Baltic Control Misr® is able to organize reliable analytical tests of products and biological substances wherever it may be required. We are committed to provide the highest quality of services and accurate results in time.
We are working only with our own or other internationally recognized laboratories where we are confident of the reliability and accuracy of the data ascertained.

Every year world food production suffers substantial losses due to pests during post-harvest storage and commodity transport. Therefore, an effective and reliable pest control program is needed
to control and reduce damage inflicted by insect and rodent pests during trade, logistics and warehousing of agricultural commodities, food and feed production and processing.
Baltic Control Misr® fumigation operations comply with stringent local and international legislation as well as international quality and safety standards.